Some Useful Phrases to Help You Understand the Game of Hurling

Báite - eg "I gave it báite" - I put a fair bit of effort into it
Stomached - surprised eg. "Jays, when he came up behind me I was awful stomached"
Mighty - very good
Hames - a right mess - eg. "he made a hames of that clearance"
Timber - intimidation of a hurling opponent
Welt - swing at
Lamp - a good thump
A Crowd – e.g. "that crowd from Ardrahan are a right shower of shites"
Schkelp - a good thump
Bullin' - angry. eg. "the centre half back was bullin' after I lamped him"
Bull thick - very angry
Joult - a push
Joshel - a shoulder push
The Comm-it-eeee - Local GAA bullshitters in general
Bushted - eg. "Jayz me arm is bushted"
Bomber - a very popular nickname for a GAA player
A hang sangwidge - consumed with tay on the sides of roads after matches in Croker or Thurles.
Citeog - he hit it with his citeog. ie. left handed/footed
Warp - hit something hard as in "I'll f**kin' warp you"
Blast - A great amount of anything.
Rake - Also a great amount of anything, usually pints of Guinness
A Shamozzle - a group of players shkelpin' one another but not exactly hittin' anyone at the same time!
Flakin' - usually goes on for a whole game..... eg. "Jayz Mike Murphy gave Tony Delaney an awful flakin' below in training on Sunday". To "flake" a lad for a whole game usually starts off with a bit of the aforementioned  "joshellin'" and "joultin'" and develops into a bit of "weltin'" and may even result in a good "lampin'" for the victim especially if he gets  "bull thick".
Namajaysus - What was that for, referee?
Ya-bollix-ya - Corner back's formal recognition of a score by his opponent
Leh-it-in-ta-fuck-would-ya - Full forward's appeal to a midfielder for a more timely delivery of the pass
Mullocker - untidy or awkward players
Horsed - bout of rough play or intimidatory tactics as in “we horsed them out of it
Horse - untidy or rough player. There's one in every club ( The Legendary “Horse” Delaney)
Row - Fight involving four or more players swinging hurleys like lunatics
Massive Row - Row involving both team,substitutes and supporters jumping fences
Running Row - A massive row that continues out in the parking area and/or dressing room areas
"Come up ta F*ck"- A corner back back trying to rise the ball .
"Lord Lantern Jaysus.." - "The next time you do that I'll f**kin kill ya"
"a hape" - A big quantity (Heap)
"in the paw" - To catch the ball.
"a Brawl" - A collection of bodies in disagreement with each other.
"a Dinger" - Usually a fast wing forward who can leave his opponent "for Dust".
"a right C*nt" - The Ref was a bit biased towards the other team.

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